Callies Christmas Collection
To You and Yours
Christmas Crafts:
Easy Brown Paper Reindeer
This is a fun Christmas project for
kids, very easy to do,and a good
way to recycle those old brown
paper bags.
You will need:
Brown paper bags, or brown
                construction paper
Red, white and black paint
White glue
Trace around the child's shoe on the brown paper. Cut out the foot shape. This is the head of your reindeer, the heel part will be the nose. Trace around the child's hand and cut out the shape. Fingers should be spread apart. These are the reindeer's antlers. Glue them to the top of your reindeer's head. Paint two black dots for eyes on the reindeer's face. Paint a big red nose on the bottom of the reindeer face (on the heel).  If desired, paint a tiny white dot on each of the eyes.
Sand Art Brownies:
This is a recipe for brownies to give as a Christmas gift....or whenever. Mix ingredients in a wide mouth quart size jar, just like sand art that kids make today.  Add to wide mouth quart jar in this order:
   3/4 tsp. salt
   1/2 + 1/8 cup flour
   1/3 cup cocoa
   1/2 cup flour
   2/3 cup brown sugar
   2/3 cup sugar
   1/2 cup Choc. Chips
   1/2 cup Vanilla Chips
   1/2 cup nuts
This should pack nicely into jar. Include a decorative tag with instructions for making the brownies: Combine contents of jar with:  1tsp vanilla,  2/3 cup vegetable oil,  3 eggs
Pour into a greased 9x9 pan.
Bake at 350 degrees for 27-32 minutes.

Recycle lightbulbs as Christmas ornaments with this whimsical snowman!

(Click here For Pattern)

#3 round bristle brush or stippling
brush of your choice #1 small round detail brush Paints: white, black, orange, red flat white spray paint small scrab of fabric 6 oz. styrofoam cup small gold thread or cord for hanger
1) For hat: preheat oven to 350 degrees. Turn styrofoam cup unpside down on cookie sheet  and place in oven. As it warms, it will shrink.  Remove from oven and immediately turn up some of the edge for a brim.
Caution: Do in well ventilated room. The fumes from melting styrofoam could be hazardous to some folks.
Note: No two hats turn out alike. You get some really interesting shapes.
2) Wash lightbulb with vinegar and water. Cute a piece of gold cord approx. 18 inches long. Wrap from the middle around the metal part of the bulb and tie a knot. Then pull the two ends up and knot them. This will be your  hanger. Hold the bulb by the thread and lightly spray with flat white paint. Hang to dry.
Painting Procedure:
1) Using the sipplish brush, dab white on the entire bulb. Let dry.
2) With black, base eyes, pull eyelashes, and smile lines and mouth. You can also outline arms. Put a small white highlight in each eye.
3) With red, make a wash and paint circles for the cheeks and pull a small stroke under the center of the mouth.
4) With orange, pull a carrot nose.
Irreguarly line along bottom with orange plus a little black.
5) Paint hat black or dark blue or green. Try picking a color from your fabric. When dry, dab a little white on the edges and crown for snow.
6) Cut a strib of fabrice about 3/8 inches wide and 12 inches long. Tie a knot in each end. Fold and scrunch and glue around neck. Make a small bow for hat by tieing a knot in a strip of fabric and trimming ends at an angle. Glue this to the hat. 
7) Use a sharp pencil or large needle to gently poke a hole in the top of the hat. Thread hanger up through the hat and place the hat down over the metal part of the bulb. Glue, if needed.Your snowman is now ready to hang!!!
Other ideas:
1) Stuff raffia up under the hat for hair.
2) Use Creative Paper Clay or Model Magic  to make arms dimensional.
3) Use raffia or straw and a toothpick and  make a broom to glue under the arm.
4) Paint a candy cane, birdhouse, etc.  hanging from  his hand.

Easy Snowman Pin:

(Click Here for Graphic)

You will need:
    Lightweight cardboard
    Brown paper bag
    Man's black sock
    White acrylic paint
    Craft glue
    Hot glue
    Buttons for the belly
    Small beads, embossing powder or  black felt pen
    Ribbon or strip of fabric
    Pin backing
Draw two circles on the cardboard to make your pattern, about 2 inches for bottom and 1 inches for head. Fold brown bag in half, trace snowman, and cut out two pieces at same time. Paint with two or more coats of white paint. Make a small slit in the center of back bottom (this will be used to stuff a little poly fill in after glue is dry). Glue together around outer edge. I used Aleene's tacky glue. Hot glue two buttons on belly, I used a small red and green one. I put two dots for eyes and five dots for mouth. I used embossing powder for mine but if you have small beads that would look great. The hat is made with a man's black sock. Cut a strip from top about 1 1/2 inches x 3 inches and hot glue around top of head. Tie ribbon or a strip of fabric around hat and neck. Hot glue a pin on back. Add some glitter highlights for a little more sparkle.

Preserving Holly:
I use a solution of 2 parts boiling water and 1 part glycerine plus plenty of food coloring to maintain the green color. Immerse them in the solution. Some greens uptake the solution and through the stems and some don't. So it is best to immerse the whole stem if you are not sure. I think a nice bath of the wax solution of (acrylic floor wax, 4 parts water to 1 part wax, with some color added) would be a nice finish to help lock in the moisture, and give the leaves a nice shine.

 Frost On Windows
For those who live in warm climates but would like to have frosted windows at holiday time....try beer and epsom salts.
..dissolve a couple of tablespoons of epsom salts in a can of flat beer and daub on the window with a large ball of cotton. When it dries , it crystallizes on the glass. It is a bit difficult to remove... takes lots of elbow grease but pretty to see and worth it if your childhood memories include snow and frost. Or just sponge on glass cleaner, the milky white kind that comes in a can, like they use for soaping the windows of closed-down stores, etc. Buffs right off, since it's made for glass. 

Ice Lanterns

It is actually made from water not-quite-frozen in a bucket or some other container, the excess unfrozen water is poured off, and a candle is inserted inside. They are left outside on sidewalks or driveways. I would like to put mine out on my deck.

Snow Woman
I took two small Styrofoam balls and joined them with glue and a toothpick. I used spray adhesive to glue on the clear sparkles. The eyes are gems shaped like stars. The mouth a heart shaped gem. Glued on for the face. The arms are toothpicks with little white paper mittens, enforced with glue, for gloves. Her hair is raffia. glued to the top of her head. Her scarf is satin ribbon, doubled with a small tassel hanging from it. The hat is a small straw hat I embellished with the satin ribbon and I put a wooden apple on top. I made the green leaf from knotting a piece of ribbon then cutting at a slant close to the knot. Then gluing to the top of the little apple. Take either small black beads for her buttons or use fabric paint to make dots. She is absolutely adorable and all your woman friends will love her.       Debi 

Flower Pot Angel
Take terra cotta flower pot invert. add croched doily allowing enough over hang to form two inch collar. glue styrofoam ball to the doily. paint ball and add hair or spanish moss to make hair. add wings to back of pot,wood , cloth or metal filagree. take 6 inch piece of muslin seam it to for a tube for the arms. glue the two ends to back of pot. measure to center of tube in front add raffia bow and ribbon roses and glue tube,bow, and flowers to pot. cute homey look. cost
depends on size of materials used. small, medium, or large angel, its your choice. have fun linda 
A Christmas Angel
Cheryl Lynn

Tacky Glue
1 Yard of white tulle net
22 guage wire
20 mm Christmas ornmanet ball (gold)
4" chenille glitter stem
Gold thread hanger
Gold paper
Ribbon bow
Mini Blonde Curly Doll Hair
Small gold wire garland (for halo)

1. To make the angel's body, use one yard of net and fold in half lengthwise. Bend a hook in a piece of 22 guage wire and slip the hook under the fold. Gather the net up tightly, twist the wires and attach to the stem of a 20mm Christmas
ornament ball.
2. Add a 4" chenille stem for the arms. Open up the net into a fluffy ball and glitter the edges by dipping them into a 50/50 mixture of Tacky Glue and water and then dip into a bowl of glitter. Tie on a hanger and hang to dry.
3. Use Tacky Glue to add gold paper wings (or purchase pre-made wings at your local craft store), a bow at the neck, Curly Hair and a halo.

Tomato Cage Angel
Materials Needed:
36"x72" piece netting
Florist's wire: 26-gauge, 18-gauge
3-foot tall wire tomato cage
Aleen's Designer Tacky Glue or craft glue
Red plaid fabric ( or a fabric of your chose ) 1 (36" x 44" ) piece, 2 ( 18" x 20" ) pieces
6" x 10" piece peach felt
30" x 321/2" piece gold lame
Aleene's Fusible web
Batting: 14" x 31" piece, scraps
6"-diameter Battenberge lace doily
14" length 1/2"-wide red ribbon 
( you can have your favorite
ribbon )
6"-diameter Styrofoam ball
Serrated knife
24" square peach fabric
Yellow fake fur: 1 ( 41/2" x 12" ) piece, 2 (21/4" x 12" ) pieces
30" length gold star garland
2 ( 11/4" ) black buttons
Fine-tip permanent black marker

1) Fold netting in thirds widthwise. Using 26-gauge florist's wire and working through all layers, run wire along 1 long edge of folded netting. Gather netting to fit top of tomato cage. Wrap netting around tomato cage about 2" from top. Twist wire ends together to secure netting. Squeeze thin line of glue on wrong side along 1 ( 44" ) edge of 36" x 44" piece of red plaid for dress. Turn under 1/2" and glue for hem. Let dry. Using 26- gauge florist's wire, run wire along unhemmed 44" edge of red plaid.Gather fabric to fit top of tomato cage. Wrap fabric around tomato cage on top of netting, with gathered edge of fabric about 2" from top of cage. Twist wire ends together to secure. 
2) For each sleeve, squeeze thin line of glue on wrong side along 1 (20") edge of 1 (18" x 20") piece of red plaid. Turn under 1/2" and glue for hem. Squeeze thin line of glue on the right side along 1 (18") edge of red plaid. Overlap 18" edges and glue to make tube. Let dry. Using 26-gauge florist's wire, run wire along unhemmed 20" edge of fabric. Gather sleeve tightly. Cut 1 (36") lenght of 18-gauge florist's wire for arms. Slightly bend wire at center to shape. With gathered edge at top, slip 1 sleeve on each end of wire. Glue gathered edge of sleeve to wire near bend in center of wire. Let dry. Cut 1 (5") piece of 18 gauge florist's wire. Use 5" wire lenght to wire arms to top of tomato cage. Glue gathered edge of sleeves and arms to dress to secure. Let dry. 
3) Transfer pattern to felt and cut 4 hands. With edges aligned and wire sandwiched between, glue 2 hands together at end of each arm. Let dry. 
4) Cut 2 (36") lengths of 18-gauge florist's wire for wings. Bend each wire in half to form a right angle. With right sides facing and 321/2" edges aligned, fold lame in half. Cut 4 (1/2" x15") strips of fusible web. Slip web strips between web
strips between lame layers at each open edge,leaving opening in center of 321/2" edge, and fuse. Turn wings right side out. Slip 14" x31" piece of batting into wings. Place 1 prepared wire inside wings at each top corner. Glue opening closed. Let dry. 
5) Cut 1 (10") length of 18-gauge florist's wire. With folded edge at top, fanfold center of wings to gather. Wrap 10" wire length around center of wings and twist ends together at top of wings to secure gathers. Form wire ends into a loop to attach wings to tomato cage. Slip wire loop over top of tomato cage at back of angel. 
6) Slip edge of doily over top of tomato cage at front of angel. Tie ribbon in a bow. Glue bow to doily. Let dry. Press foam ball onto top of tomato cage to form indentation. Using serrated knife, carve out indented area of foam ball to fit tomato cage. Glue scraps of batting to cover foam ball, leaving indentation uncovered. Let dry. Cover ball with peach fabric, gathering excess at bottom. Glue fabric edges inside indentation in ball, trimming to fit as needed. Let dry. 
7) For hair, with right side facing face, pin 1 (12") edges of 41/2" x 12" fur piece to top and sides of head to form hairline around face. Fold fur toward back of head and pin remaining edges in place. In same manner, pin 1 (21/4" x 12") fur piece in place to cover back of head. Roll remaining fur piece to form bun. Pin bun to head. Comb fur to fluff. Curve star garland into a circle for halo and glue to head. Glue button eyes in place on face. Draw mouth on face with black
marker. Press head in place on angel, gluing to secure as needed. Let dry.

Ice Cream Cone Ornament

Glue a 3-4" diameter red satin ball ornament to a sugar cone. Add cotton around juncture between cone and ball and on top of ball. Use hanger from satin ball extending through cotton fluff on top to hang from tree. (Can use a piece of yarn or ornamental string or ribbon for hanger also.)

Wooden Reindeers

You will need 5 corks (large wine ones are best). Glue two end to end for the body. Glue a third on its side to one side of the body for the head. Glue one each under body for the legs (it will appear to have only two legs). - let dry. 
Using a pointed object poke two holes in top of head. Insert two brown pipe cleaners (cut small) for antlers. Cut a piece of Christmas Ribbon to make the saddle. Glue on body. Draw eyes with marker, or buy "google eyes" and glue on. Draw on nose, or use tiny pom-pom. Glue on piece of red or green wool from head to body on each side, to looklike reigns.

PineCone Ornaments

Idea 1
Collect a good supply of little pine cones.  Purchase some model paint and some thin brushes along with some clear spray lacquer. Purchase some of those screw in eyebolts to use as hangers. Paint the cones as you would like. Makes fantastic hand made ornaments. Also make great gifts.

Idea 2
Place glue on ends of individual cone "leaves" and sprinkle glitter on. Or, you can use glitter colored fabric paint glued directly to ends of cone "leaves."

Idea 3
The pine cones you could partially dip into paint, allow to drip dry. Use a thin satin ribbon to match or raffia for hanger. Spray with a glue adhesive and sprinkle with choice of glitter. Then tie a bow at the top or bottom. 

Dough Ornaments

Idea 1
2 cups flour
1 cup salt
1 cup water

Add water slowly as you may not need all of it. Then try using a garlic press and press some green dough(made with food coloring)through and shape it into christmas trees. 
Decorate with plain dough ie. make balls, presents, candy canes and stick on tree. If you have a good garlic press it should work fine.After making the ornaments you can either bake them for 2 hours at about 225F or let them air dry for about 48 hours. 
Get some waterbase acrylic paints and paint away! They make great presents. --Denise 

Idea 2
Floured board
Rolling pin
Cookie cutters
Whole allspice and cloves
Small paint brush
Garlic press
Drinking straw
Vegetable cooking spray
1 pie plate (10")

2 1/4 c All purp flour
3/4 c salt
1/4 c ground cinnamon
1 T ground allspice
1 T ground cloves
3/4 t powdered alum
1 1.4 c water

Mix and knead like bread dough. roll 1/4 inch thick. Cut, decorate... (punch hanging hole now)
Microcook on sprayed plate at 30% 5-8 minutes till tops are dry to the touch. checking every 2 mins. dry on rack for 24 hours.

Ribbon Ornament

Fold a 4-6" length of 1 BD" Christmas ribbon and staple at top with a tree hanger or silver or gold ornament string. Inside the ribbon loop, insert a piece of colorful tinsel. Glue a small figure over staple (with more tinsel).

Victorian Tassel Ornament

Materials needed (for one):
24" of Morocco, Gold*
21" of Firefly, #1 H Gold*
12" of Dainty M, Gold*
6-8 Mini Pine cones
Spanish Moss
Hot Glue Gun

* Ribbons & tassels used above are made by the Lion Ribbon Co., Inc., which is available at Michael's.
1. Cut Morocco in half and tie a knot at each end, forming 1 1/2" long tassels.
2. Form Firefly into a small 6 loop bow with 3" streamers; wire center securely, leaving wire ends.
3. Place tassel lengths together at middle, slightly staggered and at uneven lengths; wire to bottom of bow.
4. Hot glue mini pine cones out from beneath bow. Hot glue a small amount of Spanish moss into top of bow.
5. Make hanger loop from Dainty M and hot glue into top of ornament.

Candy Cane Candle Holder 

         Candy canes 
         Piller candle 
         Hot glue gun 
         Ribbon or raffia 

Glue one candy cane to side of piller candle with hook part of candy can facing down and out. Glue second candy cane directly opposite first candy cane. You want to have the hooked part of the candy cane as a support base so be careful to glue on a flat surface to assure balance.
Continue by glueing third candy cane to candle at a right angle to the two glued (similar to a compass at North, South, East and West). Glue fourth candy cane opposite to third. Continue filling in areas with candy canes. Remember to assure balance when doing this. Once done
glueing candy canes on tie a ribbon or raffia around bottom of candy canes and it is complete! Note: Keep plastic on candy canes. Canes should not be sticking above candle when complete so make sure the
candle is tall enough. Never leave candles unattended when burning.

Santa Centre Piece


      Rose bowl 
      Red felt 
      White cotton balls 
      White glue 
      Black felt 
      Googly eyes (optional) 


Fill rose bowl with cotton balls. Using two pieces of red felt, 
cut a triangle shape so that bottom of hat will fit half of rose 
bowl. Stitch two pieces of felt together to make hat. Or glue 
hat sides together. Once dry open bottom and sit on top of 
rose bowl. Decorate band of hat with cotton balls, as well glue one 
cotton ball to top of hat at peek. 
Glue goodly eyes to front of bowl, glue cotton balls on bowl to resemble beard, mustache, sideburns and hair. Santa's nose can be cut from red felt. Eyes can be cut from white felt with black felt centers if googly eyes are not available.

Golden Ornaments
Glue Gun               Glue sticks 
Freezer paper       Cardboard 
Black marker         Masking tape 
Dish washing soap - liquid 
Container/bowl filled with water 
Gold spray paint    Scissors
gold thread for hanging, paper towels 

On plastic coated side of freezer paper draw outlines of various Christmas shapes with black marker. i.e. Christmas tree, Candy Cane, Angel, Christmas package, Stocking, Gingerbread man. For stability place cardboard underneath. Heat glue gun. With your fingers spread a thin layer of dishwasher soap over patterns on freezer paper. Using the glue gun outline each pattern with glue. Experiment with doing inner lines as well. Let glue set firmly. Once dry carefully peel ornaments from paper. Gently wash and dry to remove any soap residue. Spray the front of each ornament with gold paint. Just the front, not the back, flat side. Allow paint to dry completely before completing. Once ornament is dry gently float in water with gold side down. Using glue gun put glue inside each ornament making sure it comes in contact with the outline at some point. You do not have to fill the entire ornament - instead leave gaps to give the appearance of crystal once dry. Do one ornament at a time in the water. Do not spray paint new glued areas. Once done carefully remove from water and pat dry. Hang with gold thread. Additional gold bows or metallic ribbon can be added for decoration.

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listed as part of the
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Have you ever wondered how to wish Folks from other
lands Merry Christmas in their own Language.
Here is how in 23 different Languages.

Belgium  -  Zalige Kertfeest 
Brazil  -  Feliz Natal
China  -  Sheng Tan Kuai Loh 
Denmark  -  Glaedelig Jul
England  -  Happy Christmas 
Finland  -  Hauskaa Joulua
France  -  Joyeux Noel 
Germany  -  Frohliche Weihnachten
Greece  -  Eftihismena Christougenna 
Ireland  -  Nodlig mhaith chugnat
Italy  -  Buon Natale 
Mexico  -  Feliz Navidad
Netherlands  -  Hartelijke Kerstroeten 
Norway  -  Gledelig Jul
Poland  -  Boze Narodzenie 
Portugal  -  Boas Festas
Romania  -  Sarbatori vesele 
Russia  -  Hristos Razdajetsja
Serbo-Croatia  -  Sretan Bozic 
Slovenian  -  Srecen Bozic 
Spain  -   Felices Pascuas, Feliz Navidad 
Sweden  -  God Jul
Wales  -  Nadolig Llawen

Me being a Firemans wife this is a natural thing for me to worry about.

Formulas for Fireproofing:
Into 3 pints water mix 1 cup ammonium chloride (available from drugstore or chemical suppy house) 1/2 cup ammonium phosphate (available from a garden supply store) Soak cloth well and let dry. This preparation can be used for clothing, tents, awnings and other textiles.



(Important Note: Preparation will not make it impossible for wood to burn, just hard for the wood to catch fire.) Into 2 quarts water

mix 1/2 cup zinc chloride (available from feed and grain dealer) 1/4 cup ferric chloride (available from  chemical supply house) 3 tablespoons boric acid (available from drugstore) and  3 tablespoons ammonium phosphate (available from garden supply store) Spray or brush on 2 or 3 coats. This preparation can be used in buildings, for outdoor furniture, camping equipment,etc.
Into 1 gallon water mix 1 cup ammonium sulphate (available from garden supply store) 1/2 cup boric acid (available from drugstore) and  2 tablespoons borax (available from grocery or hardware store) Mix well. Pour into a spray bottle. Spritz on tree and pour the remainder into the tree stand instead of in water.
Mix 1 cup salt with 1 cup zinc oxide powder (available at ceramic shop or drugstore) and sprinkle on hot fire. This will help keep the chimney flue clean.
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